Comox Valley Newcomers' Alumnae Association

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Welcome to the Comox Valley Newcomers' Alumnae Association!
 You already know some of us from our shared time with the CV Newcomers' Club. 
The CV Newcomers' Alumnae Club continues the opportunities to participate in activities and have fun together, to meet more people and make new friends in the beautiful Comox Valley.

If you have completed two years in the Comox Valley Newcomers' Club, you are eligible 
to join our Alumnae Association. We look forward to seeing you!  

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Comox Valley Newcomers' Alumnae Association ® 

COVID 19 Update - Over the winter and with new procedures and limitations, most groups are not meeting. Check the Activities page to see which groups are active.
Continuing friendships
     begun in the Comox Valley Newcomers' Club